As part of my commitment to continuing education, I purchased a Canon T1i this week.  I scored a great deal on the camera, I mean the “Black Friday” of deals; and it’s February!  If it were my intentions, I could turn around a sell the entire package, which includes the body, kit (18-55mm) lens, 55-250mm lens, lens hood, 32Gb card, camera bag, battery, etc. and make some cash, but I really wanted this camera, so I intend to keep it for a very long time.

I picked the T1i for many reasons.  First, it had 4.5 out of 5 stars on every review on the internet.  It’s great for beginners learning photography and a handy backup for the pro.  It has HD video recording which I figure will come in handy in creating fun movies of my foster dogs and concerts I attend.  Plus, I have recently gotten into Adobe Premeire Pro for video editing.  Last night I created my first video montage of a concert I went to this weekend using the T1i.  Check for it on my youtube channel!  In learning more each day about the camera, I realized I didn’t have the right white balance, but it’s still worth watching.

Lastly, after doing lots of research on this Canon, I discovered Rick J. Bradbury.  This guy has over a hundred free video tutorials, vlogs, and critiques on youtube and his website, most of them dedicated to teaching about the specs on the T1i.  (If I had studied his video mode for the T1i, I would have done the montage with a better white balance.  But hey, we learn as we go, right?)   Rick responds to nearly every question he receives regarding the camera from his viewers and followers.  He also points his fans like me to other links online to help us out in learning photography.  It’s very motivating to get a great shot with this camera, and even more exciting to know the possibilities are endless as I see other photographers’ work with the T1i.  I’m looking forward to posting pictures, as well as improving and developing my own style with each press of the shutter button.