Just before the holidays I finished my Website Design Professional Certificate via Sessions College for Professional Design.  I can now call myself a web designer.  It’s a fantastic feeling knowing how much I have accomplished in just one year!  Last January, I would have never dreamed that I would have the Creative Suite knowledge that I do today.  What I have learned so far only inspires me to want to learn more.

That being said, it is my professional goal to learn something new everyday.  Within six weeks I would like to be at minimum, at an intermediate level of expertise with InDesign.  Every graphic designer should know this program. 

There are countless tutorials online for InDesign; my favorite being on Youtube.  There are some great lessons on the site, and the best part is that they are free!  It’s motivating to read many of the comments in the top rated videos, often praising the poster that they teach better than the viewer’s instructor in his/her college course.  I myself, am further advanced by watching hundreds of these tutorials. 

Last month, as I finished my certification, I decided to help give back to the Youtube community, by posting a few of my own tutorials on the site.  It’s another way to network as well, as now I am hoping that someone, somewhere will take a chance on me.  I can assure they won’t be disappointed!