So you might know that I am an aspiring graphic designer.  However, for the last ten years I have worked in the nonprofit sector as a supervisor/counselor of foster youth.  In my spare time, if I wasn’t picking up too much overtime there at the shelter, I was working within the San Diego Unified School District as a teacher.

If you’ve ever worked with at risk kids, I applaud you.  If you are like me, this experience has made you an extremely patient person.  You can probably deal with the most difficult people in the world.  You have learned crisis communication, have been an empathetic listener, and are humbled by the resilience in these kids.

Now, knowing all of this, what an asset you and I are to any employer in any field, considering you have additional skills for your new career path.  Any concern for lack of experience is hopefully reconsidered by substituting in your integrity and passion for helping others.

Unfortunately, you and I may still be overlooked, which leads me to my last pitch for an employer considering me.  I was laid off from my position as a counselor, and had the opportunity to go back to school and learn some new skills.  I am a credentialed teacher, but even more, I am a student of life and I rarely turn down an opportunity for education.  Due to being a “displaced worker,” there is government funding  available for my employer to cover a percentage of my wages.  To find out more, check out San Diego Workforce Partnership.  I also have a direct contact with the North County Career Center  if you are interested in knowing more on how this program can benefit you as an employer and me as your designer.