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5 star rating Wonderful show felt like I was back in High School 🙂 My husband and I loved the show !!! I have not really listened to meatloaf music in years but I... Read more - 12/29/2022
Nick E Avatar
Nick E
5 star rating Go see this show! Stunning! Such strong performances. The leads were all terrific and had such great stage presence and chemistry. Costume and set... Read more - 12/21/2022
Rick k Avatar
Rick k
4 star rating Great tribute to Meat Loaf The show was awesome , dancing and the vocals were great!! Would definitely go again!!! Only comp was the music... Read more - 12/15/2022
Kathy M Avatar
Kathy M
5 star rating Bat Out of Hell one of the best musicals in Vegas! Amazing show! The vocals were superb, dancing and choreography so fun to watch and the actors never missed a cue.... Read more - 12/15/2022
Ronda Avatar
4 star rating Great music! I've been a huge Meatloaf & Bat Out of Hell fan since the album was released when I was in... Read more - 11/25/2022
silver linings L Avatar
silver linings L
5 star rating Best show ever!!!!! By far This was the greatest experience ever!!!! I couldn’t be more excited that we decided to do this. The talent in... Read more - 11/23/2022
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B D Avatar
5 star rating Musical talent at its Best This show is absolutely full of talent!! The entire cast has unending energy and lovely voices but I must... Read more - 11/20/2022
Amanda S Avatar
Amanda S
5 star rating IT ROCKS Had such a blast at this show. The vocals, choreography, costumes, set, EVERYTHING are top notch. I've never seen anything... Read more - 11/15/2022
VancouverFamily2013 Avatar
5 star rating Worth seeing This is a great night out, classic Steinman songs, not just those song by Meatloaf, also ones Celine Dion Song.... Read more - 11/12/2022
2x2WineTasters Avatar
4 star rating Meat Loaf/ Jim Steinman Music and Fun! Couldn't wait to see this show! Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman music is a favorite! We enjoyed the show, but especially liked... Read more - 11/05/2022
mnguru1 Avatar
5 star rating Excellent show We LOVED it! Great show and great music. Go if you can. Fun Fun Fun! The... Read more - 11/03/2022
ntraveler145 Avatar
4 star rating Good show. Keeps the music of Steinman and Meatloaf alive. A good show and a great night out. Limit your expectations as this is not the best production. Saw a... Read more - 10/13/2022
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fiorentina Avatar
5 star rating Fun High Energy Musical Bat Out of Hell is a fun high energy musical and I really enjoyed it. The singers were phenomenal... Read more - 10/12/2022
Kitti W Avatar
Kitti W
5 star rating One of the best shows in Vegas! The show was absolutely incredible with an amazing cast! High energy and great vocals from everyone. It was so... Read more - 10/09/2022
Rena S Avatar
Rena S
5 star rating Bat out of Hell is an awesome show! Great show! So much energy from a very talented cast, great voices and a fun twist on music from Meatloaf!... Read more - 10/09/2022
sandrakQ1167ZL Avatar
5 star rating Great Voices! This was a great experience! The actors had amazing talent and voices - it was a mix of Twilight/Romeo&Juliet/Meatloaf -... Read more - 10/07/2022
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socaltripper Avatar
5 star rating A solid rock musical entertainment option I've only seen one rock musical show similar to Bat Out Of Hell and it was We Will Rock You... Read more - 10/06/2022
Frank S Avatar
Frank S
5 star rating Great fun Vegas show Great music, talented performers, fun show. They did this amazing album justice and it was really enjoyable. - 10/05/2022
Michael S Avatar
Michael S
5 star rating A must see Having seen quite a few musicals over the years, and having seen Bat Out of Hell on preview in Manchester... Read more - 10/02/2022
Traveller00010 Avatar
4 star rating Easy, fun entertainment. As a Meat Loaf fan, this was a very entertaining romp through the catalog. The story was a bit... Read more - 10/01/2022
Andrew M Avatar
Andrew M
5 star rating That out of hell meatloaf musical receives May emblem for best musical. For the first time ever the main emblem has been awarded to. Look out Broadway this is coming your way... Read more - 9/30/2022
R Brown Avatar
R Brown
4 star rating This i'm sure made meatloaf smile! I had the pleasure of seeing this new version of the original play on opening night (also Meat loafs birthday)... Read more - 9/28/2022