It’s been awhile since I have posted a blog or any tutorials on my youtube channel.  I have a few different reasons for this, so please let me explain…

On March 5 (my birthday) I started a new job at Vista Industrial Products.  I create new websites for some of our customers as well as make daily updates to our site.  In addition, I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp of Adobe Premiere Pro and produced some fun and informative videos for the company.  I’ve had a blast working with my co-worker Greg, who did the voice overs using my Samson C01u microphone.  This mic carries some noise with it, but it’s easily erased using Adobe Soundbooth’s noise reduction feature.

All the video footage was captured using my Canon T1i.  I’m pretty pleased with the HD quality the camera offers.  On the other hand, I am a little disappointed with its audio capabilities.  I wish the Canon engineers would have put a microphone jack on this unit when they designed it.  But they didn’t, thus, I understand I am pushing the limits with this camera, especially with what I want to do next.

My new goal is to create a video for our “Jobs” page on our website.  The video will have employees talking about their experiences with the company.  Because I don’t want a big microphone visible, I do not want to use the Samson mic and I certainly do not want to use the internal mic on the camera.  So to work around this problem, I have discovered a “hack” that will fix the T1i’s audio problem. I purchased a low priced lapel (Bolun is the brand name) microphone along with a 3.5mm to 6.35mm converter/jack off Ebay.  All I have to do is plug it into my laptop and match the audio with the video in post production. Easy-peazy!!

I’ve played around with the lapel mic a little bit at home and I think it will do the trick for my future videos for VIP.  Once I complete one or two and upload them to youtube, look for my next blog!

And yes, there has been another reason for no blogs lately.  I injured my back way back in January and it has been painful every single day since then.  After several least invasive approaches to recovery, yesterday I finally met a doctor that has said it’s time for surgery.  I’m looking forward to living pain free again.  Thanks for reading and take care – especially of your backs!